Philosophy of Vishwa Foundation

“Happiness, prosperity and peace will be firmly established on this planet – this is the very purpose of my life. All beings will live a life of fulfillment and harmony – this is my only material desire.” ~ Paramsadguru

Together we march towards a common goal; Together we declare our common goal; Let our minds unite and may all the differences cease. – The Vedas

We are guardians of this Mother Earth – not consumers. We can find happiness if the world around us is harmonious and in merriment. This is Vishwa. Vishwa is a state of being, a mindset. Vishwa is an idea that our happiness and the happiness of the world around us are interlinked. One will lead to the other. When we help those around us find happiness and become contributors to the betterment of the world, we will truly be happy – Dr. Purushottam

Vishwa is a Sanskrit word meaning the WORLD, our world. Vishwa is an institution blessed by the eternal and timeless wisdom and teachings of Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Shivpuri, Akkalkot, India, that works towards bringing positive and sustainable changes in Our WORLD with a blend of ancient wisdom and modern scientific knowledge.

Located in the serene and picturesque precincts of the Shivpuri Vedic Yajnya Nagar, at Akkalkot in India, Vishwa is a multifaceted organization involved in spiritual, social, medical, cultural and environmental upliftment initiatives.

Through Param Sadguru’s divine guidance and philosophy the foundation is creating elevated, socially committed, environmentally aware, and spiritually awakened individuals. It is an international non-profit, charitable organization, working in the field of social services and welfare projects creating an equilibrium with nature and enhancing human life.

Vishwa has a long tradition of carrying out various charitable initiatives in many different locations worldwide. While on one hand the institution works towards elevating the Self to greater heights; on the other it works towards creating harmony in the world around us. Because Vishwa believes that while the personal journey of self discovery is utmost important, one can’t overlook or ignore pain and suffering of fellow beings.

“Service to mankind is service to God”, is amongst the most important principles taught through the Guru Tradition. The philosophy stresses on the fact that serving (seva) should

an inevitable part of one’s journey towards inner peace. Vishwa urges people to join us in our endeavor to reach out and bring healing to people and places in distress.

While our main objective is to elevate our society to a more spiritual level, our foundation is actively involved in several fields serving people to improve their lives. You can read about the various initiatives that Vishwa Foundation is directly involved with by clicking on this page.

Vishwa Work Particulars
Maha Somayajnya Vishwa has performed Maha Somayajnya in 11 different Cities
Agnihotra Teaching Over 2,50,000 people practice Agnihotra taught through Vishwa programs
Free of cost Food facility More than 2 Million people have so far been served Prasadam/ meals
Medical Aid Over 1,00,000 people have been benefitted through this effort
Education Facility Educational opportunity is provided to 5000 students in a calendar year
Go-Shala/ Cow farms Vishwa’s Go-Shalas takes care of 200 cows
Environment Protection Vishwa has planted more than 11,00,000 Trees so far worldwide

Our Sister Organisations

  1. Shivkshetram Nyas, Shivpuri
  2. Institute for Studies in Vedic Sciences, Shivpuri
  3. Sati Chimamata Annapurna Seva Samiti, Shivpuri
  4. Shree Swami Samarth Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Akkalkot
  5.  Dharmatma Tatyaji Maharaj Memorial Medical Relief Trust, Shivpuri
  6. Shree Swami Samartha Chinmay Paduka Math (Ballappa Math)
    Guru Mandir Nyas, Akkalkot

Our Social Activities

  1. To know about wellness initiatives taken by Vishwa please visit this link
  2. To learn about our Param Sadguru and Guru Lineage visit this link
  3. To learn about Dr Purushottamji Rajimwale please visit this link
  4. For making donations please visit here
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