When we are not doing anything, we needn’t feel guilty that we are wasting time. By resting our mind we are performing the most important task – that of recharging our inner batteries.

When you shut your mind to outside chaos and train it to spend a few quiet moments few times a day…it works like magic. It improves your concentration, productivity, performance, and efficiency. Taking such breaks also relaxes you, you sleep better, stay healthy, and your immune system improves.

So the next time you get some quiet moments…guard that time possessively, spend it in private, in your own company. During these breaks, focus on your breathing, look within, listen to your body’s rhythm, listen to the quiet… and try to see the colour green with your mind’s eye. It has been scientifically proven that you can relax and feel rejuvenated even in 5 minutes, and don’t necessarily need a few hours at a stretch…

Do this experiment for a few days and experience the effect. If you are doing it right, benefits will show. Next level is to join a program that will train your brain to relax. Choose a scientifically designed program to ensure that you learn the right strategies and enjoy optimum benefits.