Everyday life challenges can agitate our mind and cause unhealthy stress. Use these three herbs to help strengthen your mind, fight stress and provide tranquility-

1) Brahmi- A very popular herb, brahmi is used widely in many ayurvedic preparations. It is a small shrub and grows in the Himalayas. It promotes mental calm and provides clarity of thought.

Use- Add 4-5 gms of brahmi powder to a glass of warm water. Mix well and let it blend for 2-3 mins. Strain and drink this tea.

2) Sankhpushpi- Ayurveda says that this herb is a tonic for the mind. It improves all the three faculties of the mind grasping, memory and recall.

Use- Take 3-4 gms of Sankhpushpi powder in a teaspoon. Add honey to it and mix well. Consume twice a day with warm water.

3) Jatamansi- A very rare herb known for its peculiar appearance. This herb grows in the high altitude regions of the Himalayas and is a very good memory booster, brain tonic, stress buster and improves mental clarity.

Use- Take 4-5 gms of the whole herb. Add to a pot of 100 ml water and heat for 10 mins. Strain this tea, add sugar to taste and consume twice a day.