Learn about Pancha Sadhna Marg (PSM) as taught by Shree

“Sadness comes from ignorance. Knowledge empowers us. Empowerment leads to happiness. This is Moksha-complete freedom, an experience of liberation from sadness and pain”. – Paramsadguru

Five Fold Path or the Pancha Sadhna Marg (PSM) is a school of thought; a thought process that provides disciples with the inner strength and wisdom to heal our physical pain; find emotional solace; discover our true radiant self; and create the life we all dream of living. PSM is a way to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

The two diagrams below depict two different thought processes and their respective consequences.  It shows that by changing the way you think or by programming your mind differently, it is possible to change your destiny.  Though it’s not easy to achieve it, you can always take  the first step…..

According to PSM we may be born as humans, but we are all meant to evolve and become one with the Divine; and live and spread a life of peace, health and happiness; free of stress and fear.

Through divine Guidance from Paramsadguru’s Pancha Sadhna Marg (PSM) philosophy we can discover all the power within ourselves and be on the path  that leads to a life offering peace, harmony, health, and holistic happiness.

Going by Paramsadguru’s teachings, you can’t attach happiness to any possession, object, or occurrence.  Because happiness is a feeling that has to be experienced, not possessed. We have to

stop looking for happiness thinking that it is an external object; ignoring the fact that happiness is actually a state of mind, a state of being; something which can only be felt.

To experience this state of happiness we should first understand and then place faith in the Pancha Sadhna Marg (PSM). Those of us who understand this will find it easier to move on the path of happiness. “According to PSM, success, affluence, health, relationships, fame, abundance etc  are mere expressions of happiness and not the reasons that bring happiness”.  Going by the Pancha Sadhna Marg it is a temporary elated state of the mind, and thus such feeling are fleeting, and do not sustain themselves.

Our mind moves from one moment to the other every second; and creates a new image of happiness that it defines as happiness. This constant shift causes a disturbance and comes in the way of enabling us to experience the feeling of happiness on a more permanent basis. We get so caught up chasing and keeping up with this change that we lose everything in the process; health, love, family, happiness, and peace; causing harm to ourselves, people around us and the environment.

Everyone in this world can find happiness.- Paramsadguru

PSM teaches us about the five elements that the universe is made of; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These are a source of tremendous energy and infinite potential. PSM tells us that we’re all made from the same elements and possess a similar reservoir of energy within us. And through true knowledge and spiritual awakeing we can identify this energy within ourselves and get on the path of harmony and happiness. PSM also tells us that our true Self is not the body that we see, but the pure radiant consciousness with limitless potential that’s within all of us.

PSM says that happiness eludes us because we choose to live a life of ignorance; of our true nature. That’s the reason we lead a life surrounded by sadness, pain and despair. PSM teaches us to attempt at finding happiness by seeking knowledge and a defined purpose.

When we live a life of ignorance we experience stress, depression, conflicts, lack of concentration & confidence, deteriorting relationships & health, falling prey to addictions, and so on. To deal with these life situations we need more wisdom, strength and potential within us.

What most of us generally do is that we make do with whatever is wihin our visible reach & control thinking that it is the maximum we could have done; not once realizing our true potential that is still waiting to be explored can help us to reach far beyond. This is the reason why we lead purposeless, unenergetic, stressful and unhappy lives.

Once we realize it and exert to explore our true radiant self, we can lead a divine life that’ll enable us to handle stress better, become healthier, keep negative emotions at bay, achieve  excellence, overcome trauma and become happier souls, spreading good vibration amongst people we come in contact with.  And most importantly, when we are happy, we make the choices that drive and lead us to achieve greater success.

PSM introduces us to the capacity within us that will drives us towards our goals and help us find calm and lead a life of fulfillment.The concepts help us connect with the infinite within by creating harmony between the body and mind.

The understanding and following of the Pancha Sadhna Marga (PSM), will lead to the happiness and harmony for all created beings. – Paramsadguru


 Yajnya: Fire Ritual- The Path of Healing and Cleansing


 Daan: Charity or Altruism- The Path of Detachment


 Tapa: Austerities- The Path of Fulfillment


Karma: Right Action- The Path of Purification


 Swadhyaya: Study of the Self- The Path of Liberation

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